A Grunge Portrait in Photoshop

This tutorial combines the grunge brush and grunge texture from the previous tutorials to make a stylized, painterly portrait. If you don’t have them, no worries, you can always search google for grunge textures and grunge brushes.
1. Make a new document 5 inches x 7 inches  x 300 ppi.
2.  Go to the FILE menu > PLACE EMBEDDED and place in the saved grunge texture from the previous tutorial or place in one you have downloaded.
3. Find a photo you want to use for this project, a close up or selfie works best and open it in Photoshop.
4. Go to the SELECT menu > ALL  and then go to EDIT menu > COPY
5. Go to the channels panel , make a new channel and paste (EDIT menu > PASTE) in the copy – it will come in as black and white.
6. Go to the IMAGE menu > ADJUSTMENTS > LEVELS and increase the contrast and slide gamma (gray point) to the left to open up lighter areas.
7. Go to the FILTER menu > FILTER GALLERY and select Pallete Knife from the Artistic tab, make your setting 13 for Stroke Size, 3 for stroke detail and 10 for softness

9. Select all again and copy
10. Go to the document with the placed grunge texture, make a new channel and paste in the modified channel. Scale it to make it fit or do some creative cropping.

11. Go to the layer panel and make a new layer.
12. Go to the SELECT menu > LOAD SELECTION and choose Alpha 1 (your pasted in channel)
13. Click on the brush tool in the toolbar and then go to the WINDOW menu > BRUSH PRESET and select your grunge brush from the earlier tutorial.
You may want to make the size larger (I made mine 500 pixels) and change the opacity to 20%.
Choose a bright color and and start splashing away, change the color frequently to add variety to the image,
then select some darker colors to layer over and obscure some of the brights.

this may or not be a photo of the author wearing a fake beard

this may or not be a photo of the author wearing a fake beard

14. Not happy with your result? Trash the layer and start again.

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