Oh Gee! It’s an Ogee, in Illustrator!

Another in a series of super simple patterns in Illustrator, this time it’s an ogee.
1. Go to the VIEW menu > SHOW GRID and VIEW menu > SNAP TO GRID
2. Get to your default colors (white fill, black stroke) by typing D on the keyboard.
3. With the ellipse tool, draw a 1/2″ x 1/2″ circle (4 small grid squares, by 4 small grid squares.)
4. Select the circle with the black arrow, hold down the ALT (PC) or OPT (mac) key and drag a copy over the the right.
5. Select both circles and drag copy  both below two times.
6. Select all six circles with the black arrow go the WINDOW menu > PATHFINDER and select Divide from the bottom row of options.

7. With everything selected type D on your keyboard to change all divided up objects into the default colors.
8. Go to the OBJECT menu > UNGROUP
9. Delete the top two circles and the bottom two circles
10. Select the remaining shapes with the black arrow and unite (first option on the top row) them via the pathfinder panel

11. Select the united shape and drag a copy upwards so that the bottom point of the copy touches the top point of the original.
12. Select the new copy and drag the copy down and to the right to fill in the open space on the right.
13. Drag copy the shape on the right to fill in the area on the left.

14. With the rectangle tool, draw a square from the top point on the left shape to the bottom point on the right shape.

15. Change the fill color of the square to none and the stroke color to none.

16. With the square still selected go to the OBJECT menu > ARRANGE > SEND TO BACK
17. Select only the ogee shapes and change the fill color to black (or some other color of your choice) and the stroke color to white, change the stroke weight to somewhere between 3 and 6 pts.
18. Select all four ogee shapes as well as the invisible square and drag them into the swatches panel (NOTE: you will know if the pattern is correct if in the swatches panel the pattern takes up the whole square, if you are seeing space around the full ogees, make sure the rectangle you made in step 15 is truly unpainted with none for the fill and none for the stroke and has been sent to the back)
19. Make a big square and change the fill to the ogee pattern.

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