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How to Make a Repeat of Anything in Adobe Illustrator

rep00Unbelievable but true! You can take any element you can think of and make a simple drop repeat out of it in Illustrator. Don’t believe me? Click below to find out how…
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Clipping Masks

CL00A clipping mask is a way of taking multiple objects, textures (cross hatch, stipples, symbols clusters for instance), blends or photographs and cropping them within a single or compound path, essentially making the photo or texture the object’s fill.
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Compound Path Explainer

Compound Paths are especially helpful in creating logos and other iconographic art in Illustrator, below are some tips on understanding how they function and how to best work with them.
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Illustrator Cross Hatching

In this tutorial we will be emulating cross-hatching using some effects and the blend tool. The tutorial is pretty straight forward and gives you lots of places to make your own variations.
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Oh Gee! It’s an Ogee, in Illustrator!

Another in a series of super simple patterns in Illustrator, this time it’s an ogee.
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A Watermarked Logo

watermark banner
A step by step for turning a  logo designed in Illustrator into a  reversed-out watermark to use in Photoshop.
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An Illustrator Pencil

Pencils Banner
How about this for irony, here’s how to draw a pencil in illustrator.
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An Illustrator Scallop pattern

More in an ongoing series of super simple repeats.
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Making pop POP!

What if I told you that you could make an amazing logo with just a few simple steps in Illustrator, would you believe me? Scroll down to find out more…
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An Illustrator Houndstooth Pattern

Another in a series of seriously simple repeats.
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