Subtle Textures in Illustrator – Diamonds

The next in a series of subtle textures – this one uses diamonds and can be endlessly modified, I’ve included some variations at the end.
1. In a new document or the same one as your last pattern, turn on the Grid and turn on Snap to Grid. Go to the FILE menu > DOCUMENT COLOR MODE > RGB (this will ensure all of our blendings works correctly.)
2. Change your fill color to black and your stroke to none.
3. With the pen tool, draw a small flat diamond – 4 small grid squares wide and 2 small grid squares high.

4. Select the diamond and ALT drag (or use the Down Arrow Key) to make a copy, place the copy 4 small grid square to the right (1/2″) and 2 small grid squares down (1/4″). The right-hand side of the top diamond should align with the copy’s left, and the top’s bottom should align with the copy’s top.

5. Open the Swatches Panel. Select both diamonds and drag them into the Swatches Panel.

6. Make a large shape and select the diamond pattern as the fill.

Some other variations:
– Instead of a solid fill for the diamonds, use the black to white gradient. Apply it either as a radial or linear gradient. Drag the two shapes to the swatches pattern.

Reverse the Pattern by making an 8 (small grid squares) by 4 (small grid squares) rectangle with a black fill and no stroke and set this directly above the two diamonds, then send it to the back. Change the original diamonds to white and drag all three shapes into the Swatches Panel.

– With the pattern reversed make the diamonds into eyes. Type D on the keyboard then choose the Ellipse Tool, hold down the ALT/OPT key and draw a circle from the center of each diamond. Change the stroke weight of each to 6 pts and align the stroke the inside.

Drag all 5 elements into the Swatches Panel.

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