An InDesign List with Anchored Graphics

This tutorial will show you how to make a list in InDesign with an anchored graphic of your choosing instead of the default bullet shapes. This tutorial also provides you with a great last minute wedding card. (The original text comes from a poster my wife found hanging up in a Chinese restaurant.)
1. Make the heart illustrator shape in this tutorial first
2. In InDesign make a new landscape letter sized document that is 66p0 x 51p0 (11″ x 8.5″) , no facing pages, 3p0 (1/2″) for the margins and two columns with 6p0 (1″) as the gutter.
3. On the right hand side create a content frame inside the margin and gutter guides.
4. Copy the text at this link, then click in the new content frame with the type tool and paste it into the frame (EDIT menu > PASTE)
5. Select all of the text and make it Baskerville Regular (or Minion Pro, Garamond, Times Roman or something of your choosing) at 15pts with 18pts of leading (the default for that size)
6. With the text box selected go to the OBJECT menu > TEXT FRAME OPTIONS and change the inset spacing to 1p6 (1/4″) for top and bottom and 3p0 (1/2″) for left and right.
7. Go back into Illustrator, select the heart with the Black Arrow and copy it (EDIT menu > COPY)
8. Go back into InDesign, with the black arrow, click on an empty part of the page to deselect the text frame and then paste in the heart (EDIT menu > PASTE)
9. Select the heart and change the color to the default Magenta Swatch and in the width and height measurements at the top of the screen put in 0p10 for W and H.
10. EDIT menu > CUT the newly scaled graphic with the black arrow and with the type tool click right before “Never both be angry…” and paste in the graphic (EDIT menu > PASTE.)  You have created an anchored graphic, meaning the graphic is running in-line with the text and can be treated as a character.
11. Go to the TYPE menu > TABS, drag a left aligned tab down to the ruler and then type in 2p0 for x:, this will make your fist tab stop 2p0 (or 24pts) Place your cursor between the heart and the “Never…” and hit the tab key.
12. With the cursor within the first item, go to the Paragraph Style Panel and click on the new paragraph style icon. Name the new style LIST then go to Indents and Spacing and change the alignment to Left Justify then set the left indent for the entire paragraph to 2p0 and then make the first line indent -2p0. This will pull the first line back so that the tab stop aligns with the indent for the paragraph (you won’t see this happen yet, but when you copy in the hearts to all the list items and apply the paragraph style it will become evident)
13. With the type tool copy the heart and the space to the right (essentially you are copying the Tab stop) and then paste it in front of each item in the list. (NOTE: the alignment will not look tidy yet.)
14. Select the entire list (don’t select RULES FOR A HAPPY MARRIAGE) and then click the LIST paragraph style.
15. Highlight the title RULES FOR A HAPPY MARRIAGE and change the color to the Magenta Swatch and change the paragraph alignment to Justify All lines and change the tracking to 50 and choose the bold style for the selected typeface.
16. Select the text frame and go to the Stroke Panel. Change the stroke to 6pts and align it to the outside. Then change the stroke style to Thick-Thin and change the color to Magenta.
17. Export your design to a PDF and print it out. Fold it in half and now you have a lovely wedding card.

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