Illustrator Clipping Masks

CL00A clipping mask is a way of taking multiple objects, textures (cross hatch, stipples, symbols clusters for instance), blends or photographs and cropping them within a single or compound path, essentially making the photo or texture the object’s fill.
• A clipping mask can be made from any closed illustrator shape and must be the object in front of the photo or texture. Take the path you want to crop to and go to the OBJECT menu > ARRANGE > BRING TO FRONT.
• To create a clipping mask, select the image or texture you want to use as your fill as well as the mask and go to the OBJECT menu > CLIPPING MASK> MAKE.
• The clipping mask can be directly manipulated and edited using the direct selection tool (white arrow.)
Selecting a clipping mask path with the white arrow and then clicking on the Selection tool, (Black Arrow) will activate the bounding box for the selected path.
• To edit the contents, go to the OBJECT menu > CLIPPING MASK> EDIT CONTENTS. Editing included all major transformations (move, scale, rotate, reflect, shear) as well as editing individual components.
• To release the clipping mask use the OBJECT menu > CLIPPING MASK> RELEASE MASK.

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