The work in TRANSMISSION represents four years of exploration with experimental applications of paint and stencils, metaphoric color palettes, surface design, and the representation of a range of human emotions and experiences. 

Included in this exhibition is The Eclipse Viewer series. This series uses a discrete palette of 4 colors and silver leaf. The palette, informed by elements dispersed by ancient supernovae, includes iron, calcium, carbon, and phosphorus, rendering a connection between the observers and what Carl Sagan called “star stuff.” The phosphorescent backgrounds of the paintings glow in the dark, creating a secondary version of each composition.

START SCREAMING: A series of portraits of the unfiltered and unguarded emotions that culminate in screaming are tense personal moments where we are at our most vulnerable. START SCREAMING presents an unbridled display of frustration, joy, anger, injustice, rage, vindication, or simply a release of steam.

The Crowds: A series of paintings depicting large groups of people walking, converging, and intermingling. A partial response to the COVID-19 pandemic’s isolation and a celebration of things we cherish as a community.

Complimenting the exhibition are new surface designs that reference my paintings’ themes: astronomical events, wonder of the natural world, and a quest for knowledge.