Beach Memories

beach memories

A project for the Philadelphia Museum of Art, June 2017

I’ve had the same dream of being on the beach since I was a kid. In this dream, I am alone, there are large dunes and big crashing waves, it’s stormy. I’m not sure what these dreams signify but if I am to guess the beach symbolizes a point of transition, a threshold. A change from solid to liquid, from stability to chaos, from the known to the unknown; a physical point in space that indicates possibilities and new beginnings.

For many years I went to my parent’s Cape May Point beach house at the end of the summer. We stayed for a few weeks after camp ended and before school started – a moment of transition from one year’s happenings to the excitement of what the new year had in store. These beach tags – the portals in which “Beach Memories” takes place – offers an entrance into these liminal moments, where the future is right around the corner and the past is just starting to fade away.