The Frank Shuman Solar Art Parklet

The Frank Shuman Solar Art Parklet occupies two parking spaces in front of 6918 and 6920 Torresdale Avenue – effectively the width of the Tacony Library and Arts Building (TaconyLAB.) The Parklet was designed as part of an artist residency in 2016 at the TaconyLAB sponsored in part by Mural Arts Philadelphia.
Frank Shuman was a famous Tacony resident – he was an inventor, engineer and solar energy pioneer known for his work on solar engines, especially those that used solar energy to heat water that would produce steam.

parklet04The Parklet provides residents of Tacony and library patrons an opportunity to socialize in an informal exterior space. The parklet is an extension of library space that helps ease overcrowding, free wifi from inside the library is available as well. Art workshops and programming that typically takes place at the library in the summer can extend out to the outdoor space. Additionally, the parklet offers a temporary gallery space for exhibitions of work made by participants. The double long space allows for extra programming to take place which might take the form of lectures, music or informal conversations.