I merge my fine art practice with commercial design, iconography, and illustration to create vibrant works with bold and impactful imagery.  Using familiar, everyday materials such as house paint, computer-cut vinyl, and wallpaper, I create installations of drawings that explore historical, current, and personal events.

Art must achieve three distinct milestones in order to become transcendent, awaken the soul and inspire the viewer. First, it must be well crafted in technique and thought; the maker must have mastery over their craft in whatever form it takes. Second, the work must have a meaning – it represents an observation, a concept, or an analogy. It serves as a metaphor, allegory, and/or symbol. Finally, the work must resonate with a viewer; it recognizes that someone is receiving it. Transmission is intrinsic to its existence.
To transmit is to convey meaning from one entity to another, whether that is a signal, a message, a virus, or pure energy. It is the act of moving an essence across space and time. This is why we make, to have our work absorbed and consumed, to activate and catalyze and to entrance and bewilder.
Art must not be passive.