Create an Area Graph in Illustrator

For this tutorial, we will be creating an area graph to chart the average weekly sales of take-out coffee in our fictional coffee shop. We will be creating a custom swatch for its fill and further modify the Area Graph to suit our aesthetic needs.
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Create a Comparison Line Graph in Illustrator

This tutorial is similar to the last one, except it uses a line graph to compare quarterly sales between two years.
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Create a Comparison Column Graph in Illustrator

For this next tutorial in this series, we will be creating another Column Graph, but this time there is a comparison between two sets of data. To make it easy for our viewer to understand, we will be making two separate graphics for the columns and will learn some further ways to customize their look.
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Create a Pie Graph in Illustrator

For this next graph, we will be creating a Pie Graph, a graph used to show how something (in this case certain work activities for our fictional coffee shop) is divided up from a whole – mathematically represented as 100%. Towards the middle of this tutorial, we will ungroup the graph from the original data to make some design embellishments.
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Create a Bar Graph in Illustrator

With this next tutorial, we will be creating a bar graph. We will be using the bar graph to compare between quarterly sales, so it’s not important to rank these biggest to smallest like in the previous tutorial. We want our viewers to understand at a glance which quarters are up and which are down. Furthermore, we’ll embellish the bar graph with a custom graphic to connect the data to the actual product. Continue reading

Create a Column Graph in Illustrator

For the first tutorial in this series, we’ll create a simple column graph, one that represents the best selling items in a coffee shop. Our goal is to not only represent the basic information but make it easy to interpret (worst seller to best seller) as well as make it attractive to view. We’ll start off making a basic column graph and then embellish it with graphic styles and typography changes.  Continue reading

Create an graphic overlay in InDesign

Overlaid graphics in InDesign lend layering and texture to layouts and is great way to mix in disparate elements to create depth and meaning. Continue reading

Wrap text around a figure in InDesign

This tutorial will show you how to create an InDesign layout where text wraps around a figure on a neutral, low contrast or seamless background.
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Threshold Adjustments and Screen Blending Mode

Apply a psychedelic effect to any image with the threshold adjustment and the screen blending mode. Amaze your friends! Impress your parents!
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An InDesign List with Anchored Graphics

This tutorial will show you how to make a list in InDesign with an anchored graphic of your choosing instead of the default bullet shapes. This tutorial also provides you with a great last minute wedding card. (The original text comes from a poster my wife found hanging up in a Chinese restaurant.) Continue reading