Oh Gee! It’s an Ogee, part 2

Here’s another variation of the ogee, not as simple as the first one, but certainly not complex.
1. Go to the VIEW menu > SHOW GRID and VIEW menu > SNAP TO GRID.
2. Change to your default colors by typing D on your keyboard.
3. Draw a 1″ circle within a 1 x 1 larger grid square. Drag copy (Black Arrow + ALT/OPT) the circle to the grid square next to it.
4. Draw a 1″ x 1″ square on top of the two circles.
5. Go to the WINDOW menu > PATHFINDER. Select the three shapes and click the Divide icon in the Pathfinder panel.
6. Go to the OBJECT menu > UNGROUP. Then select all shapes except for the bottom rounded triangular shape and delete them.
7. Click the Rectangle tool from the tool bar and click on the screen, make a rectangle 1″ wide by 1.5″ high. Move the rectangle so that it is directly below the rounded triangular shape.
8. Drag copy the rounded triangular shape to below the rectangle so that the point is touching the bottom.
9. With the shape still selected double click the Rotate Transformation Tool in the toolbar and type in 180 degrees. Click OK.
10. Draw another 1″ circle within a 1 x 1 larger grid square. Move it so that the center of the circle is aligned with the center of the left hand side of the rectangle (there should be 2 small grid squares above and below)
11. Drag copy the circle to the right hand side.
12. Select all 5 shapes and click on the Unite Icon in the Pathfinder Panel.
13. Drag copy the Ogee Shape to the right so that the circles touch each other.
14. Drag copy the copy of the Ogee Shape on the right up and towards the center so that the point meets the intersection of the two circles.
15. Drag copy the top Ogee Shape down so that the point touches the intersection of the two circles.
16. Change the fill colors of the left and right to orange (or some other color of your choosing) and the stroke color to white, make the stroke weight 8pts.
17. Change the fill colors of the top and bottom to yellow (or some other color of your choosing) and the stroke stroke to white, make the stroke weight 8pts.
18. With the rectangle tool, draw a rectangle that touches all 4 points of the orange Ogees. Change the fill and stroke color to None and go to the OBJECT menu > ARRANGE > SEND TO BACK
19. Make sure the Swatch Panel is visible (WINDOW menu > SWATCHES), select all 5 shapes (the 4 ogees and the unpainted rectangle) and drag them to the Swatch Panel.  (NOTE: you will know if the pattern is correct if in the swatches panel the pattern takes up the whole square, if you are seeing space around the full ogees, make sure the rectangle you made in step 18 is truly unpainted with none for the fill and none for the stroke and has been sent to the back)
20. Make a big square and change the fill to the ogee pattern to test it out.

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