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Super Massive Text in InDesign

There are lots of ways to use text as design elements in InDesign. This tutorial will only touch the surface of ways to do this.
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An Illustrator Scallop pattern

More in an ongoing series of super simple repeats.
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Making pop POP!

What if I told you that you could make an amazing logo with just a few simple steps in Illustrator, would you believe me? Scroll down to find out more…
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An Illustrator Houndstooth Pattern

Another in a series of seriously simple repeats.
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An Easy Chevron Pattern in Illustrator

This is another in a series of super simple repeats.
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A Simple Illustrator Sunburst

Something to brighten up a dreary day.
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Kind of an Illustrator Homage to Q*bert

This is a simple tutorial to show you how to make a cube in Illustrator. The end result will kind of look like the play field for the old video game Q*Bert.
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A Simple Way to Make a Plaid Pattern

Another super simple repeat. Of course plaids can get very complex but here are some easy steps to get you started.
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Polka Dots

polka dots
Here is the first in a series of super simple repeats. Polka dots can be made really quickly and you can endlessly modify them as well.
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An Illustrator Flower Brush

PrintThis one is so easy its hard to believe I didn’t figure it out earlier. What’s great about it is not only the simplicity but the endless variations that can be done really quickly.
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