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Banners Everywhere

Here is a tutorial to make a banner in Illustrator. A banner is all well and good on its own , but a banner really should have a reason to exist, it should celebrate something or at least make something look important. We’ll make a banner that you can then use to embellish some of your favorite drawings or photographs. Here goes…
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Preparing a SketchUp Model for Hand Rendering

This tutorial will go through a series of steps to prepare your model so that it can be hand rendered as opposed to color rendered in SketchUp.
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Vectorizing Images

night day
Vectorizing your sketches or graphics you’ve found on-line is extremely beneficial to propelling your design ideas forward. Below are some general notes about how to prepare images in Photoshop and how to use the Image Trace tool in Illustrator.
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Making Magic Markers in Photoshop

magicmarker00This tutorial will replicate a magic marker tip using the brush tool. The overall effect is very close to an actual magic marker with the exception of not having any fun chemicals to smell :-)

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Drawing a Gear in Illustrator

This tutorial shows you how to draw a simple gear shape using transformations and the pathfinder panel in Illustrator. Continue reading

Raggedy Edges in Photoshop

ragged01In traditional darkroom photography the photographer had the choice of cropping the shot to just the image or preserving the ragged edges of the negative. This is also something found in more intentionally primitive modes of photo image making like pinhole photos or cyanotypes. This tutorial will outline one method of achieving this effect.

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Photoshop does Instagram


As much as photographers strive to make great images with tremendous clarity, amazing tonal rangeĀ and rich vibrant colors there’s a sometimes curious preference among the public for photos that are exactly the opposite. Faded photos present a notion of recent history, a yearning for another time and nostalgia for events that may or may not have happened in the way they have been portrayed. Regardless of where you fall within this spectrum, having an understanding of why old photos look the way they do and how we can use Photoshop to mimic it are invaluable tools. Continue reading

Scanning a Line Drawing

scan00These instructions are intended for scanning black line drawings. Continue reading

the Illustrator Art Brushes 4 ways

2ILLbrush00Here are some tutorials on making your own custom art brush in illustrator. These are just the beginning, the possibilities are truly endless.
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A perfect heart


Finding a tutorial for drawing a perfect heart was proving quite a challenge until I found this one. The steps below are based on Deke’sĀ tutorial.
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