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Make a Celtic Trinity Knot in Illustrator

A classic. Make a Celtic Trinity knot in Adobe Illustrator using basic tools including the Ellipse Tool, Reflect Transformation, and the Pathfinder.

An Illustrator Camera Iris or Pinwheel Vortex

Another beginner level illustrator tutorial that uses very basic tools to make a really cool graphic. Animate it and hypnotize your friends!

An Illustrator Helios style sunrise

Learn how to draw this Helios style sunrise in Illustrator with just a few tools. Amaze your friends!

Create a Yin Yang Symbol in Photoshop

A quick video tutorial on how to make a Yin Yang symbol in Photoshop. Make sure to check out my YouTube channel – Nick the Punk Fish

Never a boring presentation ye shall make!

One of your goals with creating the presentation is that it shouldn’t be boring. Boring manifests itself in lots of ways – from your verbal delivery to the content of your slides. Another point of “boring-ness,” however, is how the presentation looks. A well-designed layout goes a long way in engaging an audience. Although there are endless themes that you can download for your Google Slides and/or PowerPoint presentations, a design that is customized towards your topic will further elevate the content.

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A Custom Bar Graph

If the basic bar graph feels a little boring, there are plenty of ways in Illustrator to spruce it up. In this tutorial, we’ll take the basic bar graph and embellish the bars with a photo.

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Pie Chart – Visual Analogy

In this tutorial, we will create a pie chart and then crop it to the shape of a coffee cup, By using this shape it will reinforce to your viewers what the chart is describing.

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Stacked Column Chart – Visual Analogy

In this tutorial, we will use the stacked column graph tool and a layer mask to create a diagram of how to make a cappuccino. The visual analogy of this chart uses the outline of a coffee cup and clear proportions to illustrate the recipe.

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A Comparison Chart and Visual Analogy

In this tutorial, we will be creating a simple comparison chart with embellished graphics to develop a higher level of understanding. The goal of this diagram is to deliver information quickly and in a way that is readily understood. For this comparison, we will present two pieces of data side by side. The viewer can take away from the comparison that one thing is larger than another thing and that the comparison may have something to do with water and/or rain. It is up to you as the presenter or editorial designer to fill in the missing pieces.

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Creating an Icon in Illustrator

For this tutorial, we will be making a highly abstracted icon of a pointing hand using some very simple shapes. Beyond being an exercise in using the pathfinder tool, the tutorial presents a way of thinking about creating icons.

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