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Anthrax Victims Series

Screenprint on Glass

Portraits of the five victims of the Anthrax attack of 2002-2. The portraits are created by light passing through glass plates with clear acrylic ink screenprinted on them, a shadow, in the shape of the portrait is projected on the wall behind the plates.
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Enron Series

Portraits of Enron executives printed using vaseline through a silkscreen.

Above: Andrew Fastow

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The Patriotic American Window Decal Series

Screenprints on Static Cling material on window

The portrait series includes images of prominent United States
figures in the on-going ‘War on Terrorism’. Silkscreened on
transparent static cling material, these car window decals are
provocative statements about who and what we honor with
patriotic symbolism.

Plastic Pop Stars

screenprints on plastic bags, 2001, dimensions variable

Portraits of pop music performers printed on plastic bags, half of the editions were strewn about the city of Philadelphia.
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