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Projects and installations of note

Every Supreme Court Decision beginning at Bush v Gore (December 2000) until the end of the 2001-2002 term (June 2002)

This piece is composed of rubber stamped portraits of the Supreme Court Justices arranged in a matrix based on the decisions for each case beginning at Bush v. Gore through the end of the 2001-2002 term. There are 151 cases, which are listed in order, beginning at the upper left row and reading from the top to the bottom of each column. The colors assigned to each portrait indicate whether the Justice was appointed under a Republican or Democratic president: red=Republican, blue=Democrat. The grouping along each row indicates the voting record of each Justice. The first portrait to appear is of the Justice who wrote the lead opinion for the majority. The portraits, which follow, are of those who voted with the majority. A blank space, divides the majority from the dissent. After the blank space is the Justice who wrote the dissenting opinion, followed by those who voted with the dissent. All of the portraits that follow the lead Justice, from either the majority or the dissenting opinion, are placed in order of their superiority (the length of time served).
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Metaphoric Vinyl

Ten invited artists were asked to produce work using a Roland Camm-1 Servo, a machine commonly used in the sign making industry. Though the participants had certain things in common as contemporary artists and printmakers, the only specific thing they share is that they have all utilized this versatile industrial instrument to produce beautiful and imaginative new artwork and explore its possibilities and limitations.

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My Face in Your Space

The gallery is facebook

With this exhibition, several artists were selected to draw portraits of their friends and acquaintances under the agreement that their portraitees would reciprocate and do the same. Once their friends had been entered into the network, they would be able to do portraits of whomever they liked under the same reciprocal agreement. The installation is designed to be ongoing, allowing for new members of the network to hang their work up until the final day of the exhibition Friday October 2, s009.
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NEXUSradio, transformed the a Philadelphia gallery space into a low powered radio station for two months in December 2008/January 2009. NEXUS invited artists, musicians, performers, djs, activists, poets, scholars, local community groups and other members of the public to use the radio broadcast during gallery hours. The broadcast was carried live on 1650 AM and reintroduced a sense of urgency into the media landscape by intentionally not providing an internet stream. By making the broadcast purely analog, listeners had to be in the surrounding area in order to tune in. The exhibition presented an opportunity to experience the implications of radio’s legacy, to witness the evolution of communication technology, and react to the current state of commercial media. Continue reading